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Excavation can be described as basically the practice of removing earth, rocks and other materials with the use of specialized tools and equipment. Some of the common terms related to excavation include trenching, tunneling and wall shafts. Excavation has a very important application for construction projects. It’s used in construction to develop foundations for homes, commercial buildings and roads. Some of the different methods used in professional Excavation include digging, trenching and dredging along with site development. Each of these methods needs particular techniques and equipment to do the excavating done correctly. The procedures used depend on what the end structure will be.

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Before the job can start, the job site must be properly assessed. Next, our crews plan for the size and depth of the site, and then clearly mark the site’s boundaries. After these two essential steps have been taken, the process can begin, which includes:

  • *Surveying ground and top soil levels
  • *Excavation to the authorized depth
  • *Construction of connecting trenches
  • *Construction of drains

Quality construction relies on expertise and very close attention to detail because the point of the process is to create the all-important foundation for your overall project. The team at Coronet Construction uses advanced practices, cutting edge tools and heavy equipment to assure that the job gets done right the first and on schedule.

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