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Demolition – Coronet Construction is an established Chicagoland area contractor specializing in complete building demolition and select demolition for renovation. Here we present a few key industry terms and some useful basic information about Demolition to help our customers make an informed decision when considering this essential construction industry service. For a FREE QUOTE on our Demolition services, excavation or concrete services just call Coronet Construction at 630-835-0700.

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* The procedure is basically how a building is demolished and removed from a site to prepare for new development.

* The sophisticated gear, technology and equipment our teams use include a variety of excavators, cranes, loaders and backhoes in addition to specialized attachments like wrecking balls. Other essential gear includes safety equipment like respiratory protection, filtration systems, plus recycling and disposal technologies.

* Implosion – explosives are used to cause the collapse of a building. Explosives are only used in a very small percentage of demolitions. It’s a highly specific part of the process that requires a thorough working knowledge of structures and use of explosives.

* The safety guidelines we adhere to are for the purpose of keeping our employees safe and keeping our job sites safe too. These safety practices include occupational health standards, safety regulations, training, and environmental methods to safeguard the public.

* On sites the majority of the material can be recycled and reused. Some of the standard materials that result from many sites can include:

  • *Concrete, bricks and porcelain
  • *Metals like copper, iron and brass
  • *Insulation materials
  • *Ceiling tiles, roofing materials
  • *Flooring materials and carpeting
  • *Wiring, conduit, plasterboard and wood

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