Demolition Addison

Demolition Addison

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The process of demolishing a structure involves safely tearing it down and then removing the structure’s materials from a dedicated site for the purpose of preparing that site for a new construction project. The leading quality demo equipment, best industry practices and technology that Coronet Construction applies can include a wide variety of excavators, loaders, cranes, wrecking balls and backhoes.

Some of the other basic equipment we use for Demolition Addison projects include advanced filtration, recycling and disposal technology. On demolition sites a lot of the materials can be recycled including: flooring materials, floor tiles, carpet, wood, plasterboard, wires, conduit, bricks, porcelain, iron, copper, brass, insulation, roofing materials and even ceiling tiles.

With respect to explosives and their role in demolition, they are – not surprisingly – used to cause the collapse of a building. Note that explosives are generally used in only a fairly small number of Demolition Addison projects. It’s a very specific part of a demolition process that requires expertise, in-depth knowledge of building structures and considerable safety training.

The uncompromising standards practiced at Coronet Construction are focused on maintaining the highest safety standards at each of our job sites. We adhere to OSHA guidelines, thorough training for our employees and environmental awareness that assures public safety.

I you are planning construction that will require professional Demolition Addison, excavation or concrete services please contact Coronet Construction and tell us about your project.

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