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Coronet Construction are a premiere source of Concrete Villa Park IL services. We offer comprehensive solutions for homes and commercial property owners. Our team provides design and layout all the way through to final installation. Coronet Construction creates design features for all surface varieties like patios, driveways, parking areas, sidewalks and more. Our goal is always to assure our customers’ design plans are practical and structurally sound. Choose creative styles and concrete colors that simply look great! Regardless of the scope and layout of the project, we finish it according to each customer’s schedule and budgetary needs. We understand selecting a contractor for the next concrete job at your home or commercial property is a big decision. It’s why we stay current on the latest industry practices, assuring each work site remains safe and on schedule.

A Full Slate of Concrete Villa Park IL Services:

-General Concrete Repairs. Similar to other outdoor features of any building, concrete will eventually start to have signs of deterioration. This can occur even after accurate mixing and correct application. After time and weather elements take effect, concrete that was initially poured on compacted soil can gradually sink. Consequently, it settles into an uneven and possibly dangerous condition. If the soil underneath a section of a concrete surface starts to shift, that can also result in sunken areas.

The wide swings in weather we typically experience throughout the seasons here in Illinois are certainly a factor. Concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios can all be vulnerable to soil shifting and freeze/thaw patterns.

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These harsh but unavoidable weather elements cause concrete surfaces and the foundation beneath it to shift. When this occurs even slightly, surface cracks can start to form. The upside is that an experienced Concrete Villa Park IL can usually do the repairs. It many cases, there’s no need to excavate a whole sidewalk, driveway or patio.

If the concrete surfaces at your residence or commercial property are crumbling and in generally poor condition, call 630-835-0700. We’ll provide a free, no hassle cost estimate. We can restore your Concrete Villa Park IL surfaces to a much more attractive, reliable and safer condition. It will last for years and look great!

-Concrete Driveways. We’re a family-owned and operated business. We provide repairs and installation of structurally resilient, attractive concrete driveways. Naturally, the driveway at your home or business is typically the first thing visitors or customers observe when they arrive. It’s essential for your driveway to make a good first impression. A professionally-installed and well-maintained concrete surface driveway offers an appeal that other surfaces can’t. As your Concrete Villa Park IL contractor, we provide appealing decorative options in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. A new concrete driveway will enhance the overall look of your home or business. Another great benefit is that concrete driveways complement and enhance the landscaping as well.

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Main advantages of concrete driveways. Concrete is among the most widely-used surfaces for driveways in communities like Villa Park IL. With a quick look at concrete’s advantages over alternatives like asphalt or stone it is easy to understand why. We’re a Concrete Villa Park IL that’s been providing affordable concrete solutions to homeowners for years thanks to benefits like:

  • -Resilience. Many highways, streets and bridges are made of concrete because it offers excellent density and durability. Thanks to its fundamental strength, concrete can support heavy loads without forming cracks. Additionally, it can last for many years
  • -Low maintenance. Concrete driveways don’t need a lot of maintenance. Particularly when a surface sealant is applied consistently for protection against the elements. Even when concrete gets stained or marked from traffic, it usually cleans easily with basic soap and water.
  • -Curb appeal. Concrete is a material that can mix with dye without impeding its functionality. Coronet Construction offers many colors of concrete to choose from. This popular feature means your driveway and sidewalk can nicely complement the outside of your home or business.
  • -Versatility. While concrete mixes can be installed for a full-slab concrete driveway, concrete pavers are also a possible option. Typically less expensive than stone or brick, concrete pavers can replicate the appearance of those materials. Coronet Construction works in conjunction with other contractors, home and business owners. Our goal is to provide ready-mixed concrete solution to customer specifications.
  • -Concrete Sidewalks. Durable and appealing, concrete sidewalks are able to withstand the harsh effects of rain, heat, ice and snow. Other materials such as asphalt are more likely to form cracks and break apart as time passes. If your concrete sidewalk is aging or uneven call the Concrete Villa Park IL experts at 630-835-0700. We’ll promptly schedule a free estimate for you.-
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We are a Concrete Villa Park IL contractor offering a number of choices. For example, decorative concrete is a popular selection for home and business owners. Appealing while also practical, decorative concrete can be a creative alternative to traditional gray concrete. One of its main benefits is simply its amazing versatility. Coronet Construction can install a standard flat sidewalk at your home or business with colors and textures of your choice.

Concrete sidewalks are very reliable and generally do not get damaged by rainstorms, heat, ice and snow. Other widely-used sidewalk materials like asphalt are more prone to show wear and tear from the elements. Due to their durability, concrete sidewalks are easy to maintain and keep clean too. In general, the only maintenance requirement for concrete sidewalks is the application of a sealant every couple years or so. Because concrete is absorbent, a good quality sealant helps shield it from staining and cracks.

-Stamped concrete. This is basically a concrete surface with patterns and textures. Stamped concrete can be embossed with designs that look like brick, stone, tile and more. This appealing variety of concrete surfaces are great for residential patios, sidewalks, flooring, driveways and pool decks. Its ability to resemble other building materials makes stamped concrete a very cost-effective alternative to brick, slate or stone.

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-Concrete Pool Decks. Just like concrete driveways and sidewalks, a concrete pool deck is easy to maintain and keep clean. Concrete is among the most cost-effective options when it comes to pool decks. It provides multiple options: from a basic deck to an extravagant, many-colored or patterned deck. Concrete can be viewed as the “chameleon” of surface materials. Plus, concrete is an ecologically responsible surface material that is available locally, reducing transportation costs, fuel consumption and pollution. As for maintenance, we recommend that it should be resealed every two or three years to help prevent color fading.

-Concrete Paving. This option offers an ideal walking or driving surface while also maintaining high quality texture and resistance to skidding. A concrete mix our qualified crews apply contain properties that result in durability and enduring performance. Whether you’re redoing the sidewalk in front of your house or installing a parking area, paving is ideal option.

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