Concrete Driveway

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Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway – Concrete is a preferred material for residential and commercial driveways and for a number of valid reasons. At Coronet Construction, we’ve been installing and repairing Concrete Driveways for our many clients in Addison and other communities throughout the Chicago suburbs.

Concrete Driveway

Some of the main benefits of Concrete Driveways include:

  • *Durability – Concrete Driveways commonly stay functional for 25 to 30 or even more years, based on how well made they are and how they’ve been maintained. Once installed by our professional crews, new Concrete Driveways will last for many years – looking good and providing a consistently smooth, level driving and walking surface. They won’t require much maintenance either, but to help its longevity, it is beneficial to keep Concrete Driveways sealed and in clean condition. Simply use a hose and a stiff brush to scrub the driveway clean and apply a basic concrete sealer for an extra layer of protection against the elements. We recommend applying sealer once a year, particularly in the fall season. That helps your Concrete Driveway endure ice, rain, salt and the cold temperatures we experience in the typical Midwestern winter.
  • *Concrete Driveways also have a degree of versatility in terms of appearance because they can be stamped into varying designs or colored to get different appealing looks.
  • *Consider the degree of vehicle traffic and the kind of vehicles your Concrete Driveways will sustain. If you’ll be using heavy vehicles or a high amount of traffic, then Concrete Driveways may just be the optimal long term solution for you.

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