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Concrete Chicago

Concrete Chicago

Professionally manufactured and installed foundations are a fundamental component of any residential construction project. Concrete foundations are most often a blend of concrete footings that give support for the majority of a home along with concrete walls that are usually used for unfinished basements.

Pouring a concrete foundation accurately is obviously essential to any residential construction project because it maintains the home safely in its proper position for many years. If you are in the planning stages of a new residence, don’t hesitate to call the team at Coronet Construction for a no-hassle, FREE cost estimate on Concrete Chicago foundations at 630-835-0700. We’re an established area contractor fully prepared to get the job completed for you on schedule and within your budget!

Properly installed foundations do a lot more than just provide a supportive structure for a home:
they also keep moisture out, provide insulation against cold temperatures and withstand movements of the shifting soil around it. A resilient foundation that will remain securely in place for years to come calls for more than simply digging a big hole and pouring the concrete. It’s comparable to tailoring a new outfit to attain the ideal fit. Our Concrete Chicago crews take a number of factors into account such as soil condition, backfill quality and water tables. Each of these issues must be assessed with accuracy, the foundation’s form must also be positioned correctly and the concrete mix itself must also be free of impurities as well. If even just one of these components is miscalculated, it can cause the foundation to perform poorly and start to fail long before it should.

Homeowners naturally want Concrete Chicago foundations to endure for as long as they plan to reside in the house, which is why we perform each step of the process carefully to assure it dries sufficiently and remains free of cracks. When we pour a Concrete Chicago foundation, we verify the walls are level and without discolorations – which can be a sign of concrete that’s not mixed properly.

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The Many Benefits of Concrete Chicago

Concrete is such a vital component to construction because it is the sole building material that efficiently results in:

• A low carbon footprint for pavement or a structure over the course of its lifespan
• Unmatched strength and longevity in any environment
• Optimal energy efficiency through thermal mass
• Concrete is a building material that’s resistant to burns, rust or rot
• Versatility. Concrete can be molded into many different shapes, colors and patterns
• Low maintenance costs and completely recyclable
• The materials required to produce concrete are easily accessible in most any area

Low carbon footprint. Concrete Chicago has remarkable durability, energy efficiency and recyclability, making it the lowest carbon generating material over the lifespan of the structure or paved surface.

Strong and long-lasting. Concrete can endure for many years longer than alternative materials and even gets stronger as time passes. This lowers the comprehensive cost of ownership in addition to environmental results that are related to reconstruction. Resistant against elements like fire, water, wind and shifting ground soil, concrete helps to keep people more safe while keeping maintenance expenses down. Even after major weather events that can take place during a long Illinois winter, concrete continues to show its durability.

An Efficient Material for Efficient Structures

Concrete’s capacity to store energy helps to moderate indoor temperatures, which is a factor that reduces a building’s heating and cooling needs over the course of its lifespan by as much as eight percent. Concrete Chicago paved surfaces are quite energy-efficient in many ways. Industry research reveals that over a period of 50 years, the energy needed to build, take care of and rehab concrete paved surfaces is only around one-third of what’s required for surfaces paved with asphalt.

The sturdy surfaces of Concrete Chicago pavements help to lessen fuel use and associated emissions from heavy commercial trucks and other motor vehicles by as much as seven percent. Additionally, the lighter color of concrete helps reflect heat while also lowering the need for outdoor lighting requirements by as much as 24 percent.

Free of emissions and versatile. An inert substance once it is cured, concrete is emission-free and won’t emit any gases or harmful compounds. While it’s obviously very strong after curing and hardening, concrete’s flexibility after it’s newly mixed permits it to be adapted into to various forms and textures. Because of concrete’s durability and fire resistant properties, concrete buildings can be altered into other occupancy variations during their lifespan. Due to their resilience and low maintenance needs, Concrete Chicago structures help limit operational expenses connected to energy use, upkeep and the need to reconstruct after severe weather. Concrete Chicago paved surfaces are also cost-effective upon initial installation and during their lifespan, typically needing only around one-third of the maintenance costs a similar size surface paved with asphalt would need during the same time period.

Completely recyclable. Concrete Chicago can be reused as an aggregate — which means it may be used as a sub-base material for roadbeds, parking lots, driveways and other applications. This helps to reduce
the amount of materials that must be transported to a landfill.

Some of the best applications for Concrete Chicago include:

Concrete driveways. Concrete is a material of choice for both home and commercial driveways for several reasons. Coronet Construction has installed and repaired concrete driveways for clients throughout the city and suburbs. The benefits of concrete driveways are:

*Concrete driveways remain fully functional for 30 years or even longer depending how well they’re made and maintained. After we’ve installed a driveway it will look good and provide a smooth, level surface for a very long time without needed much maintenance. To help your Concrete Chicago driveway last event longer, we suggest applying a quality sealer once per year to help it hold up against
ice, sleet, rain and salt.

*Concrete driveways present a degree of flexibility when it comes to appearance because they’re able to be stamped into various designs as well as different colors.

Concrete flatwork is ideal for applications such as basements, patios, garages and sidewalks. One of the main reasons for this is that Concrete Chicago is less expensive than alternatives like masonry. Concrete flatwork can be more than a standard residential or commercial improvement. It requires the same detailed planning it takes to install new countertops or new flooring, for example.

The Coronet Construction team is ready to help you find the best design for your concrete flatwork project to help improve the function, quality and street appeal of your residence. If you’re considering an attractive finish for a home walkway or sidewalk, repairs for curbs or expert installation of a completely new walkway, Coronet Construction offers affordable, top-quality craftsmanship for all of our concrete flatwork jobs regardless of the size or scope. Our trained, experienced Concrete Chicago employees are certified by OSHA and consistently work hard to meet the demands of our client’s depending upon their project needs, schedule and budget.

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