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Everyone on the team at Coronet Construction are trained and experienced Concrete Addison IL contractors ready to help residential and commercial property owners with the design and installation of custom concrete products. With our many years of industry expertise, our team can develop innovative design features for driveways, sidewalks, patios and more. We work hard to ensure that our customers’ uniquely designed plans are functional and structurally sound with patterns and colors that look great!

As Concrete Addison IL professionals dedicated to personalized service, the team at Coronet Construction is pleased to give customers helpful updates on job progress as we move along and what to anticipate with respect to the finished job. Whatever the scope and shape of your concrete project, we pledge to complete it efficiently while paying close attention to every detail. We use the best concrete and equipment to fill the area requested – from a large business or industrial facility to a smaller residential home.

With Coronet Construction as your contractor, you can enjoy seeing your own ideas for concrete driveways, patios and other features for your home or commercial property become a reality. We offer competitive rates with minimal production time that will proceed on an organized, efficient schedule that keeps disruption to your routine to a minimum.

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We understand that hiring a good Concrete Addison IL contractor to perform structural additions to your home or commercial building is essential to attaining the best possible results. To that end, we know that staying updated on the latest industry practices is a must to the success and safety of any concrete project.

Delivering the best options, quality and pricing to meet the needs of every one of our customers, Coronet Construction completes projects always compliant with good safety and structural standards. We are a Concrete Addison IL company that aims to meet and surpass expectations throughout the whole process of any construction using the best materials and practices available in the industry.

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If you’re noticing cracked, broken, or uneven concrete surfaces at your home or commercial site, don’t delay to call Coronet Construction at 630-835-0700. We will evaluate the condition of your concrete surfaces and provide a FREE estimate on the best solutions for you.

Features like concrete sidewalks, patios and driveways are all vulnerable to the harsh effects of drastic temperature swings, thawing cycles, rainfall and more. Any of these factors can cause the base beneath the concrete to shift and result in surface cracks. The good news is that with the experts at Coronet Construction on your side, we can do the Concrete Addison IL repair that in many cases eliminate the need to replace the entire driveway, sidewalk or patio.

Among the main reasons many home and commercial property owners choose concrete is its durability and low maintenance. In addition to repairs we provide the following services:

-Concrete driveways. Our team creates driveways that will look good and last for many years. Conventional driveways or unique designs – we do it all!

-Concrete patios. If you’re looking to redo your current patio or perhaps install a new one, Coronet Construction is your solution. Concrete patios are a great value, don’t require a lot of maintenance and available in a variety of textures and colors. We’ll work with you to create a beautiful patio that will set your home apart from the rest.

-Concrete sidewalks. Attractive and easy to maintain, concrete sidewalks are an excellent feature for your residence or business. Our experienced team can design and install a sidewalk that is an ideal addition to your property.

The Advantages of Concrete Driveways – Coronet Construction – 630-835-0700

-One of the most appealing aspects to installing a concrete driveway at a home or commercial location is simply its affordable upfront costs. Some property owners consider asphalt for budgetary reasons, but concrete offers a longer service lifespan. A Concrete Addison IL driveway will last an average of 50 percent longer than a comparable asphalt driveway. Consequently, the upfront savings of an asphalt surface will typically be offset by greater maintenance costs. The liquid product that holds the asphalt aggregates in place is subject to cracks and disintegration from exposure to UV rays, oxidation, motor vehicle fluids and water.

-Curb appeal. For a lot of property owners, a conventional lighter gray surface provides that all-important curb appeal. A newly installed Concrete Addison IL driveway instantly upgrades and refreshes the impression a property makes upon visitors. That’s a significant benefit if you plan to put your home on the real estate market. Talk with our team about innovative design options for your driveway and other concrete surfaces.

-Reaction to UV rays and heat. Asphalt absorbs light and heat, while concrete reflects light and heat.

Naturally, this is a key difference between the surfaces and why so many home and commercial property owners choose concrete for their driveways and sidewalks.

Concrete surfaces are cooler because they don’t absorb as much UV rays as their asphalt version. For a general idea of the difference, simply think of walking across the two surfaces while barefoot on a sunny day. While asphalt’s ability to absorb heat can be an advantage during the winter, it is countered by having a much warmer driveway during the summer.

The reflectance of standard concrete also helps to reduce lighting requirements. Because light is absorbed by asphalt, an asphalt surface might require up to one-third more light for sufficient visibility than a concrete surface. With concrete driveways, utility savings extend for many years.

-Load-bearing capacities. Concrete is a durable material that is able to support heavier loads in comparison to asphalt. Because asphalt tends to “flex,” large trucks and other loads might cause ruts or other damages to the surface. Along with a large truck, RV or boat you might park on your driveway, consider the probability of other heavy motor vehicles that might drive onto your property.

-Manageable maintenance costs. It’s possible to minimize the maintenance cost of Concrete Addison IL by using penetrating sealers and contraction joints. Clear, effective sealers offer protection against de-icing products and water absorption. Contraction joints act to isolate cracks that may form as concrete contracts.

Right from the installation of an asphalt driveway, the binder starts to dry out. To help slow this inevitable process, sealcoating is necessary. But even with resealing, asphalt driveways typically don’t endure as long as concrete driveways.

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-Surface properties. After installation of an asphalt driveway, it starts to release evaporative oils which can then get on the soles of your shoes. If a corrosive or oily compound gets on the asphalt driveway, there’s the possibility of then tracking that material right into your vehicle or home. This issue is more likely to occur in warm weather. The surface of a Concrete Addison IL driveway is not prone to this type of dissolution.

-Environmental impact. Because the energy costs of concrete driveways tend to be lower that asphalt, it presents a more environmentally-friendly pavement solution. Typically, it simply requires less overall energy to produce and install concrete.

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